What is Telegram and why is it so special?

Messaging platforms like Telegram have helped

us boost our digital businesses because they

have multiple functions , that allow us to better

classify and distribute our offers .

The platform gives us thousands ,  of options to

create communication , strategies to a more

select group of people or to specific ,  groups

already defined .

For all these reasons , we wanted to have a chat

with you about , what Telegram is and what

benefits you could get if you start using the

platform . and see this special app

What is Telegram?


Member telegram is an  special and instant messaging  , tool that

allows you to send and receive messages from

your contacts even ,  without sharing your phone

number .

It does this through a communications ,  protocol

known as MTProto that gives you the ability to

open different sessions on multiple ,  devices

without being , connected at the same time .

This special app was created by  ( brothers

Pavel and Nicolai Durov ) as an alternative way

to communicate outside WhatsApp. This is how

you can send from messages , video files ,

voice notes and much more using its own

cloud .

It also offers you end -to-end encryption so no

one else, can know what you’re talking about .


What can you use Telegram for ?

You can use Telegram for many things , some of

them are:

  1. Sending messages

Of course , being an instant messaging platform

it allows you to send and receive messages to

and from your contacts . You don’t need to

share your phone number , in fact , you can hide

it ,  to protect your privacy .

Telegram gives you the possibility , to create

your own username so you can be found

through its search engine . You only need to

know people’s username and you will find them

in a few seconds .

You can send videos , audios , texts , make

unlimited video calls with many participants . All

this on your cell phone or computer .


  1. Storing files

Without a doubt this is one of the most

important advantages , offered by Telegram .

The platform has its own cloud , so all messages

and files you have in chats will be stored until

you delete them yourself .

its capacity is infinite and you will store

Videos , audios and any audiovisual document .



  1. Create super groups



Creating groups is a basic feature of any

instant messaging app , but super groups are

something very different .

With WhatsApp you can create groups with a

maximum of 250 members and it has not

updated this requirement ,  for a long time . Do

you know what the limit ,  is that Telegram offers

you? More than 20 ,000 members .

Which is a real wonder , and there are people

like you who work in giant organizations ,  that

need to be in constant contact .


  1. Organizing your chats in folders

This is a feature that few people know about

but it’s very useful .

In Telegram you can have millions of contacts

because once you install it , it synchronizes with

your phone data .

The problem is that sometimes you can’t find

the person you need ,  to talk to thanks to the

amount of chats you must have at the

moment .

So a possible solution that will help you to stay

organized within the chaos is to be able to

create folders ,  for different topics .

In each folder you’ll have the chats of the

people with whom you talk about specific

topics . This way you will organize the platform

and work more effciently .

  1. Creating channels

Telegram channels are a wonderful tool ,

especially if you have a digital venture .

It’s a one-way chat in which only the

Administrator , will be able to send messages to

their subscribers . The folders can be public or

private and it works as a communication

channel , with a community .

The channels are wonderful , for your brand ,  as

they allow you to be in contact with potential

customers , to let them know about the latest

news , of your products or services , as well as to

know their opinions about improvements to

make .

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